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Maggie Jochild, Austin, TX, February 1999. Photo by Harper Vinkemulder.

Activism Herstory

  • Member of Lesbian Schoolworkers and BACABI in 1978 in San Francisco working to defeat the Briggs Initiative and the death penalty in California

  • Founding member of Lesbians Against Police Violence in San Francisco 1979 - 1981 (responsible for the White Night Riot at City Hall after Dan White was acquitted for the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk)

  • Member of Pleiades, first lesbian incest survivor self-help activism group in the country. I led the first incest survivor workshop at the Michigan Women's Music Festival, and was one of the leaders of the first-ever incest survivor gatherings in the S.F. Bay Area and the West Coast Women's Music Festival (1981-1982)

  • Counselor and colleague of Ricky Sherover-Marcuse during the years leading up to and including the founding of New Bridges (mid 1980s); my daughter attended the first two New Bridges youth camps, and my then-partner Cameron Hubbe was a counselor there

  • Bay Area Reference Person for Lesbian Liberation in Reevaluation Counseling 1984-85

  • Donated herstorical resource materials to the Meg Jochild Collection at Northern California Lesbian and Gay History Archive in San Francisco

  • Core organizer for statewide Texas Lesbian Conferences in Austin 1991 and 1995

  • Producer of one-hour video documentary for International Women's Day Media Festival 1995 on 1970's lesbian activism in Austin "We Ain't Got It Easy But We Got It"

  • Producer of several half-hour to one-hour radio shows for Women's Collective at KO.OP radio, Austin, Texas, 91.7 FM, 1995-1998 on topics including "Mental Health Oppression", interview with Janet Foner, coordinator of Support Coalition International, an international coalition opposed to forced psychiatric procedures, for alternatives to our mental health system, and for human rights in psychiatry; "Searching for Everardo", interview with Jennifer Harbury, widow of Efrain Bamaca Velasquez, a Commander in the URNG who disappeared March 12, 1992; "Hate Crims Against African-Americans and Lesbians: Sharing a Mythic Sexual Persona", interview with Rebecca Mark, professor at Tulane, author of a book about the history of lynching in the South; a herstory of the "burning times"; women's body image; butch/femme; lesbian activism in Austin during the 1970's; and others

  • Collective member at WATER (Women's Access To Electronic Resources), a hands-on center for underserved women and girls providing training in video, radio, and internet technology, 1996-1998

  • Programming chair for KO.OP Radio, Austin, Texas, 91.7 FM 1998

  • Creator and facilitator of Unlearning Classism workshops led in community groups 2002-2003

  • Spoke about "Page to Stage: Making Art From Disability" to members of INTOO (I'm Not The Only One), University of Texas disabled students organization, Austin, Texas, on October 22, 2003

  • Spoke on "How to Reach Your Audience -- Thirty Years of Public Speaking" for a communications class at the University of Texas, taught by Elizabeth Lee Brown on February 23, 2004.


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