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Maggie has been a core writer and performer since its inception in Actual Lives, a cutting-edge, radical page-to-stage, nationally-recognized theater troupe for disabled adults directed and produced by Terry Galloway and Chris Strickling. Assistant directors/consultants have included Kathleen Juhl, Jill Dolan, Stacy Wolf, Lisa Moore, Olivia Whitmer, Cheryl Green, Cammie Stephan, and Elizabeth Barber. She has written for and performed in the following productions:

  • Actual Lives Premiere, Vortex Theater one-night run, August 2000

  • Disability Arts Month, Dougherty Art Center two-night run, November 2000; Maggie performed "Dignity Is a Form of Female Hygiene Product".

  • Staged Reading, Texas School for the Blind, August 2001; Maggie performed "Trivia" and the closing number "Able".

  • Sex, Soul and Survival -- Autobiography From Page to Stage, Vortex Theater two-night run, November 2001; Maggie performed the multimedia memoir "Nilmoni".

  • Invited Saturday night entertainment for annual conference of Goodwill International, Austin, TX April 2002

  • The Gimp Parade, The Tillery Street Theater three-night run, November 2002 (Wrote alone or with Danny Saenz the three troupe ensemble pieces in this show).  Maggie performed "Elvis Lives" and in "The Welcome Wagon".

  • Frontera Fest, January 2003  -- Maggie participated in "Good Cripples' Oath" and performed "Elvis Lives".

  • The Scary Lewis Yellathon, The Tillery Street Theater two-night run, August 2003; Maggie performed "Crip Attack", "You Know You Want Me", and the musical number "Crip Ward Tango", as well as participating in the movement pieces "Limp!" and "Gimps and Dolls".

  • Staged reading with Actual Lives at A Safe Place, Austin, Texas on the intersection of domestic violence and disability, on October 27, 2003; Maggie performed "You Know You Want Me"

  • Full command performance at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, October 30, 2003, Alma Thomas Theater.  Maggie performed "You Know You Want Me" as well as supporting roles in "Popcorn Predator", "The Booth", and "Good Cripples' Oath".

  • Actual Lives presented a staged reading with talkback at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas in the Dialogue Room of the Philosophy Department, November 19, 2003, 2:00 p.m.; Maggie performed "You Know You Want Me".

  • Actual Lives performed for domestic violence trainers at A Safe Place, Austin, Texas on March 18, 2004.  Maggie performed "Ripley at Easter" and in "Happy Haven".

  • Gimpapalooza, an Actual Lives command performance at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas on 29 March 2004 in the Jones Theater.  Maggie performed "Elvis Lives" as well as supporting roles in "Popcorn Predator" and "Good Cripples' Oath". 

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